It’s New Year’s Day and I am finishing the last of my traditional holiday vacation. Tomorrow, I will return to my office after a hiatus of almost two weeks and am sure I will spend most of the day inundated by emails and following up on the projects that were in process when I left. But today, I was reading through recent blog posts by two of our more prolific writers here on LessThanDot, Onpnt (Ted Krueger) with Blogging isn’t easy unless you have support and SQLDenis (Denis Gobo) with Ah yes, those pesky resolutions. I have to admit, both of them have inspired me with my own resolutions and blogging.

I went back and looked at my own blog posts over the time since we first began LessThanDot. In total, I have 11 that I have written, 4 of them written in 2012 (which is more than I originally thought I had done). I have at least one that is currently in process from this past August after a conversation with fellow LTD’er Chrissie1 but not sure if I remember enough of what I originally intended to write that I will be able to finish it. That being said, though, I love to write and, quite frankly, am rather disappointed with the efforts I have put forth in writing more on this site. My own personal blog is not much better. But, I am setting forth a goal to write 12 new blogposts this year on LessThanDot – which would be 3 times my best year to this point. I do not think an average of one a month is unreasonable and it will hopefully prod me to produce better work than I have done to this point.

As Ted noted in his own post yesterday, the more we write, the better we become and, while I do consider myself to be fairly proficient when it comes to writing, I have also found that my skills have deteriorated from lack of use. Additionally, I know what I want to say but being able to do so succinctly, directly and ensuring that the reader interprets what I wrote as I intended for them to do so can be challenging and I hope to improve this. As a project manager, this is a very important skill as one of the major bugaboos of any project is miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Finally, while I do not typically set a great deal of resolutions, I will do so this year. In addition to more blog posts, I intend to do at least two formal training classes offered by my company to further my skills in project management. Frankly, there is still a great deal that I have not yet learned and I would like to be better so that I can handle whatever comes my way professionally.

So a Happy New Year to everyone!