Yes the title is ironic. But still I mean it. I have been noticing some spammers on our forum for a while now. Nothing too serious and it is mainly link spamming. Some try to hide the links by making them white text. Some make a perfectly good reply to a post and then come back the next day to add the links. And some enter them as their signature and then make a not so smart post.

First of all the signature is not of much use to them since signatures are not spidered. The white text also doesn’t help since the background isn’t really white and finding the exact same color is useless since we use 2 colors.

But I have respect for the post editors. I do hope these people get paid good money to do it, because you must remember all these sites you post to and all the posts you made. They must be determined to make it work.

And today one of them (could be the same person every time of course) came back to edit a post he made 10 days ago. You can see the post here. I already removed the link he added. The link had nothing to do with his post it was for an SEO service.

I have no idea why these people think having much backlinks will help them if they have a worthless product. These sites should try and make a good product and get a better googlerank by being good not by being a spammer.

And to the spammer your link was not spidered since I took it down seconds after you posted it. But I still respect all the effort you put in, perhaps you should put more effort in your site. And no I will not post the name or the link to your site in this post. Because it is people like you that ruin the internet.