Kaxaml is a lightweight XAML editor that gives you a “split view” so you can see both your XAML and your rendered content (kind of like XamlPad but without the gigabyte of SDK).

First watch the video on channel 9 to see what it looks like. Here is what is covered:

Robby Ingebretsen came by to explain what Kaxaml is and how it can be useful to you when developing XAML-based applications. Not only does he introduce the tool, but he also touches on some of the lesser known features and add-ins that may be missed on an initial glance.

Robby also discusses the fact that he will be presenting two workshops at MIX09. The first is Design Fundamentals for Developers and the second, with Jaime Rodriguez, Hiking Mt Avalon.

You can watch the show here: http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/Continuum/Kaxaml/

The video runs for 18 minutes and 11 seconds

You can download Kaxaml here: http://www.kaxaml.com/