I decided to take a look at my Has FireFox lost its Mojo, are Firefox user jumping ship to Chrome? post to compare the browser stats. In that post I wrote the following

So what will happen to Firefox will they ever pass 25% or is this a downward spiral and within a year Chrome will have that 25% and Firefox will be at 15% or so? With all the new stuff like the Google’s App Store that Google is adding to Chrome its usage will have to grow fast.

Well Firefox never reached 25%, as a matter of fact Firefox is at less than 20% market share today. Here is what the stats look like for the last 12 months according to NetMarket Share

As you can see Chrome has almost surpassed Firefox, I think that in 2 or 3 months Google will have surpassed Firefox. A lot of people still use Firefox because of the fact that some extensions don’t exist on Chrome. NoScript is a big one, Chrome has actually somethign similar, it is called ScriptNo. FireBug is another reason that people stick with FireFox for now. Even Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is recommending Chrome now, they did not pick FireFox.

A lot of people are ranting about the fact that Firefox has become bloated, yes compared to Internet Explorer it might look lean but compared to Chrome it certainly does not. We have to wait and see what happens, I will revisit this again early next year.

I also wonder if the release of Windows 8 will do anything to make Internet Explorer gain some market share again?