You might think that this post will be about a bug in Lessthandot that only manifests itself in Firefox but you are completely wrong.

If like me (and most other people I know) you like Lessthandot than you want to make the tab a permanent resident of your browser. And isn’t that what everybody wants in the first place?

Of course I hear you thinking that FF already saves the state of the tabs when you close it so why would you need it.

First of all FF isn’t all that smart. Try opening a firefox window open all your tabs you like and then open a new window with the tabs you don’t like. Close the first window by accident. Then close the second. Next time you open Firefox it will have the sites you don’t like. And why is that? Because after the first few times yo got bored of the remember my tabs dialog you get when closing and you checked that checkbox to never show that message again. I know I did so this happens.

But I’m rambling, not something I do alot.

So we start by installing

for FF 2.0 – 2.0.x : Perma tabs.

or the experimental version for 3.0.x – 3.5.x : Perma tabs

So I after install on FF3.5.3 I get this.

2 permanent tabs to digg and Which is rubbish of course. We want LTD!!!!! NOW.

We start by unpermanenting (new word) the digg and cnn tabs. Just uncheck Permanent Tab and close it.

Then we make Lessthandot Permanent.

See, cool.

And of course you can set some options too like the tabcolor and what not but the most important thing is done.