As you might have read I had a little problem with my first test and rubymine. It ran the test but it did complain and did not show the pretty results I like and want.

The problem

Of course it says how to solve it but not really clearly.

Please install ‘test-unit’ gem and activate it on runtime.

The solution

I kind of found the solution here. But not sure how my brain figured that out.

You need to install the gem and you can do that via the ruby command prompt.

And then run this gem command.

And after I found that I was happy and read my mail where I found this.

Author: Luis Lavena

To solve the Test integration of RubyMine, you need to install test-unit gem, as mentioned in red in the console.

Just open “Command Prompt with Ruby” and do:

gem install test-unit

It should install the gem, which then should enable the proper Test/Unit support on RubyMine.


Oh well. I’ll remember to blog about it and then wait for someone to post the solution ;-).

And this is what it looks like when it works.


It works. And the ruby community is awesome ;-).