Since php supports OO I think we should follow the OO rules. SO I wrote a DAO layer like sun recommends it for it’s J2EE framework.

So lets start with the Factory. lets put it in a folder dal.

```php <?php include_once( ‘constants.php’ ); require_once( ‘factory/DatabaseFactory.php’ );

class Factory { function getInstance () { static $instance; if (!isset($instance)) { $c = CLASS; $instance = new $c; } return $instance; }

function getFactory() { return dataBaseFactory::getInstance(); } } ?>``` this factory is a singleton and can be called as such.

Something like this will do.

php require_once('dal/Factory.php'); $factory = Factory::getInstance(); the above file also uses a file called constants.php.

which looks like this.

php &lt;?php define('DATABASE', 'mysql'); ?&gt; We will discuss what it is used for later.

the rest will follow later.