So I have been using Nancy and my IIS is configured to use windows authentication.

Now how do I get the current authenticated user onto my webpage.

But first of all how do I get the name of the current authenticated user.

Well that was the simple part.

vbnet HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name And there you have it.

Now we all know that we can do this in Nancy with Razor to get the current logged in user when using formsauthentication or basic authentication.

vbnet Url.RenderContext.Context.CurrentUser Of course we could do this in our Module.

vbnet Context.CurrentUser = New User With {.UserName = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name} And that would work, but it would become very tedious to repeat this for every module we have. So we have to look for a better way of doing this. And of course there is.

We can make our own bootstrapper and change it in the nancy pipleine.

```vbnet Imports Nancy Imports Nancy.Security

Public Class BootStrapper Inherits DefaultNancyBootstrapper

Protected Overrides Sub ApplicationStartup(container As TinyIoc.TinyIoCContainer, pipelines As Nancy.Bootstrapper.IPipelines)
    MyBase.ApplicationStartup(container, pipelines)
                                                      ctx.CurrentUser = New User With {.UserName = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name}
                                                  End Sub)
End Sub

Private Class User
    Implements IUserIdentity

    Public Property Claims As IEnumerable(Of String) Implements IUserIdentity.Claims

    Public Property UserName As String Implements IUserIdentity.UserName
End Class

End Class``` So I added this to the AfterRequest hook And that changes the currentuser on every request for me.

I also created a class User because CurrentUser needs a class that implements IUserIdentity.

Cool huh.