No, not that.

I had the need to write documentation for my services. I thought having them as html would be nice and good enough.

So I made a bunch of vbhtml razorviews because I want my pages to be pretty and use the masterpage I already made for my main site. You know, to be consistent.

So I had this.

  • page1.vbhtml
  • page2.vbhtml
  • page3.vbhtml
  • page4.vbhtml
  • index.vbhtml

And to show those pages I just have this in my module.

MyBase.Get("/{Title}") = Function(parameters)
  Return Negotiate.WithView("documentation/" & parameters.Title)
End If```
So calling page1 is as easy as 

<code class="codespan">/documentation/page1</code>

But what if someone did

<code class="codespan">/documentation/page12</code>

They would get an error.

But, meh, I don&#8217;t want that. I want them to return to the index instead. 

So here is my solution.

Public Sub New(viewlocator As IViewLocator) MyBase.New(“/documentation”) MyBase.Get(“/{Title}”) = Function(parameters) If viewlocator.LocateView(“documentation/” & parameters.Title, Context) IsNot Nothing Then Return Negotiate.WithView(“documentation/” & parameters.Title) Else Return Negotiate.WithView(“documentation/index”) End If End Function``` With help from GrumpyDev.

Quick and easy.

I do not want to put to much work in the documentation since noone will ever read it anyway.