Today was the Belgian webcamp with Scott Hanselman, Drew Robbins and Gill Cleeren and Katrien De Graeve. Needless to say I was there, yes, I know I’m not a webdeveloper but there is always room to learn. And I do some webdev for this site.

Anyway, for me the webcamps started on saturday when we had diner with Scott, Drew, Gill, Katrien and a dozen other people. It also happened to be Scott’s 37th birthday and he doesn’t look a day older than 37.

And here is a very bad picture of that night.

I was glad to be a part of that evening.

And today there was the webcamp, there were around a hundred people if I guessed that correctly, but like the police I’m not very good at estimating.

The keynote was 2 hours by Scott and covered nuget, MVC3 things and so much more. You can see all here.

The second speaker was Katrien about HTML5 and in short, you can and should start using it now.

Next up was Gill with a talk about jquery, and I know how powerfull and fun that is.

Last talk was Scott again about OData and I will need to check that out, soon. Looks like fun.

I learned some nice things today, most things I had already heard about but seeing these things in action makes me think about other things you can do with them. And that is the whole point of such a day. And now I need to catch up on some sleep since I also watched the Football this weekend (some of it anyway). I’m hoping for a nice Superbowl between the Packers and the Steelers.

So I had a fun weekend and thanks to all involved.