“It’s not just about software — the Enterprise is the System”

The "Mastering Digital: Software Engineering Report" (2017) provides analysis of detailed feedback from Architects and Engineers about their work on software projects for organisations of all types and sizes.

The report looks at the following:

  • Demographics of the respondents (Company Types, Team Size, Project Spend, Role Types, etc)
  • Performance of current software engineering capabilities & outcomes
  • The challenges & opportunities with the technology we use (Including: Server Side, Front End, Database and DevOps & SysOps Technologies)
  • The challenges & opportunities with the delivery of software projects(Including: Technology & Design, Organisation & Behaviour, Knowledge & Skills, Requirements & Planning)
  • A summary of the key pain points and root causes
  • Some key takeaways

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EnterpriseCore.io: The State of Software Engineering Report, 2017