I am absolutely delighted to share the great news that I have been selected as one of the speakers for the 2014 edition of the SQL Server Days in Belgium. It is one of the biggest SQL Server events in Europe and this will be the 4th time I am presenting there. A lot of great names of the #sqlfamily have also been confirmed, such as Grant Fritchey, Denny Cherry, Stacia Misner, Klaus Asschenbrenner, Marco Russo, André Kamman and many many other talented speakers. There are also some great precons, most notably in the BI space the Power BI precon by Jen Stirrup and the SSAS Tabular precon by Julie Koesmarno.

Anyway, my session is titled "How to (not) torment your fellow SSIS developer?" and its abstract is as follows:

Did you ever inherited a slow running un-maintainable mess of an SSIS package? Or do you want to knock up your SSIS developing skills to the next level? This session will guide you through common SSIS best practices and performance pitfalls. We will make packages easier to read, maintain and more efficient.

You will learn some practical tips to make your life – and that of your successor – easier.

It is a level 300 session, meaning that I will not explain how SSIS works and I will dive straight into some best practices and performance tuning, assuming the audience can tell a control flow and a data flow apart from each other. Basically this session will explain how an SSIS package should look like and behave, at least in my opinion. In other words, if I inherit a package from someone else what stops me from pulling out my hair 🙂

So if you want to learn more about SSIS or if you want to watch other great sessions (5 different tracks with each 5 slots!), do not hesitate to register! There is an early bird discount until the July 15th.