If you installed Windows 8, you might be wondering how to shut down or restart this operating system. There is no start button anymore so where do you shut it down?

There are a couple of ways to shut down the operating system

1) Hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE and then click on the power button in the lower right corner

2) Move the mouse to the upper right corner of you screen and wait for the charms bar to appear, click on settings, now click on power

Now you will get a couple of choices, pick the one you want

3) Hit Windows Key + C, this short cut will show the charms bar, this is the same as in the step above

4) Hit Windows Key + I, this is probably the easiest since you see the power button immediately

5) ALT + F4, just keep hitting ALT + F4 until you get the shutdown dialog

6) Unplug desktop or remove battery from laptop 🙂

Of course nobody would pick option 6 right? Right?