This week I bought a new netbook. The Acer Aspire One 751h (what’s in a name). It’s an amazing little machine, but I guess everything is amazing at my age I can still remember things like the Commodore 64 and the first x86.

Acer aspire one

Standard, it only comes with 1Gb of RAM but it supports a maximum of 2GB so I ordered that with it and installed it myself which is pretty simple no need to spend 20€ on a tech to do it for you.

The machine came with Windows XP SP3 and it was pretty fast with it. So to start with, I installed Firefox, thunderbird and openoffice like I always do on my machines. This machine is special of course, since it is not that fast and I was not planning on installing VS on it. But after working with it for a few days I decided to install something different on it. Before buying it I planned on installing Ubuntu on it. But I guess I like Windows better and I installed Windows 7 on it.

Windows 7 RC is pretty stable in my VM’s so it was worth the risk. First thing to do was to decide how to do it since the netbook has no optical drive I guess USB was the next option. I hooked up an external HD drive and unzipped the iso file.

I was planning on upgrading but Windows 7 does not really upgrade from XP. You have to use the Windows easy transfer wizard for this. It is all explained very well here apart from the fact that you have to reinstall your soft. I don’t like wizard most of the time but this easy transfer thing is really easy and it decided that I had 2,5GB of data to transfer. I wonder how I did that? I only used it for a couple of days. Anyway, I could then start installing Windows 7 which took less than half an hour and would have been even less if I had remembered to write down the serial number somewhere. Everything installed just fine, even the graphics card which had me worried for a while but Windows 7 decided to install that after the last reboot (yes it still needs reboots to install everything, 4 if I remember correctly but I wasn’t really counting).

After the install was finished I had to run the easy transfer wizard again. But the easy transfer wizard only contains the data not the programs. So I had to reinstall the programs with the added bonus that after installing all programs I had, it seemed to have remembered their settings. Firefox still had all the plugins I installed and thunderbird knew my settings too.

So all in all, this was a very easy thing to do.