I got a new tablet PC and I like it, a lot. It takes a little time to get used to. But now I’m so used to it I can’t live without it any more. Of course it is also very cool.

I got the Fujitsu Siemens T1010 with Windows Vista Ultimate on it. I will write about it later.

But first I had to solve a little annoyance. Vista likes to add an extra mouse pointer when using the pen/touch screen.

I found the answer on windowshelp.

To turn the touch pointer on or off in Control Panel

Open Pen and Input Devices by tapping the Start button Picture of the Start button, tapping Control Panel, tapping Mobile PC, and then tapping Pen and Input Devices.

Tap the Touch tab.

Under Touch Pointer, select or clear the Show the touch pointer when I’m interacting with items on the screen check box.