It’s been nearly two years now since joining the Magenic team and it’s been a great ride so far.  Well, the ride is about to get even better.

Next week, Magenic is hosting a new event titled the BI Summit.  This event is a focus point on the decision makers and the team players that hold key factual aspects in how a company attacks Business Intelligence.  Magenic has long been a monster of a custom development consulting company with monster names at its disposal.  The side that Magenic is now showing is the data services and business intelligence aspects to all its offerings.  With the BI Summit, this is where Magenic will show off both, the skills capable of being offered as well as the newest involvement and technological advancements Microsoft has made in BI and SQL Server.

The Magenic BI Summit will be on August 23rd, next Thursday.  There will be a great base of presentations and speakers.  Aaron Lowe and I will be presenting on presentation layers and the overall data visualization abilities easily implemented with SQL Server and features that follow with SQL Server.  The event will be from 7:30 AM to around noon.  Given the half day concept, we hope you all make the attendance and eagerly get back into work to share all the great things we’ll be showing off.

Take a minute and register for the BI Summit if you are in the Chicago area and want to join me for a great day of talking SQL Server awesome!

The second event, yes Magenic is going all Chicago event crazy this year, is the Code Mastery event.  The BI Summit enlists the decision makers while the Code Mastery will take everything discussed at the BI Summit, as well as much more, and put it down and get into the technical side of things.  The Code Mastery event will be an all-day event much like the successful SQL Saturday events.  The difference Code Mastery will be bringing is a combination of SQL Server and .NET Development sessions.  This way Magenic delivers to a group of professionals that both cross SQL Server and development as well as focus on one specific technology.

Chicago Code Mastery will be held on September 12th, 2012 and consume the entire day, packed full of expert technical presentations from Query Tuning in SQL Server to iOS application migration to Windows 8.  There will also be four Microsoft MVPs on-site and presenting!

Magenic Code Mastery events aren’t a new event and have shown great success nationally.  This is another reason Magenic Chicago is very excited to be hosting one of these events.  I encourage you to register soon as seats will undoubtedly fill quickly!