Today I have the absolute pleasure of announcing the third SQL Saturday in Chicago!!!

It seems like only a few weeks ago the first SQL Saturday in Chicago ended.  And wow, what a great event the first one was.  Thinking about it now, that was SQL Saturday #31.  We are all the way up to #119 now for total SQL Saturday events.  That truly is remarkable and a great success in itself.  The second SQL Saturday in Chicago, #67, was equally a great success.  Well, the same core team, plus a couple other awesome SQL Community contributors, are back together and we are bringing SQL Saturday back to the Chicago area for a third time.

SQL Saturday in Chicago will be held on May 19th, 2012.  The date was specifically selected to make sure you as an attendee, speaker, or sponsor can come to this great annual event.  There are many other SQL Saturday and SQL Server Events through the year so planning the date has become a task itself.  The team had some great conversations and did a great job of picking a date that fits as well as it can with everything else going on in the community.  The Chicago area pulls from many neighboring states and major cities.  Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan…the geographical location of Chicago simply makes this event available to a large population of SQL Community and SQL Server Professionals in the field.

Location and Venue

This year SQL Saturday in Chicago will be held in Addison, IL at the DeVry Campus again.  DeVry stepped up last year and made this event a great success.  This was done both with the location and support of they offered to the event.  I’m very excited to work with DeVry again and have them involved not only as the venue but as a highly respected contributor.

The Team

I’d like to thank the other organizers for helping make this event possible a third time.

Aaron Lowe, Bill Lescher, Bob Pusateri, Rich Rousseau and Wendy Pastrick.

SQL Saturday in Chicago is a large event.  There are moments when we may want to run away from the stress that comes along with events like this and there may be times you may want to strangle me.  In the end, we always end up sitting back and are thankful for each other’s efforts and the time we had making the event possible.   Thanks to all these organizers volunteers and sponsors for making it happen.