Long time since I posted something on this blog but I hope to pick up the pace again. Only the subjects of the post will slightly change.

Working for a large e-business integrator in Belgium can have some unexpected effects on your career. It all started almost a year ago with a simple sentence: “We want to extend our product portfolio with Product Information Management and we think you are the right person to help us with this.”

Well, I was free to decide, continue with SQL Server like the 12 years before or close my eyes and jump into the dark.

I gave it some thought, looked at the pros and cons and decided to go for it.


After 12 years of explaining how you can prevent the unstoppable logfile growth, explaining the foreign key principles to senior developers, removing unused indexes… I found for myself I was still interested in SQL Server but not in the things I needed to do for the customers. So it was time for a new challenge and it was offered on a silver plate. So why not?

To make sure there was a way back, I booked the exams to upgrade my SQL Server certifications to MCSE data platform so in case of… I could still return to the market with a valid certificate for some years.

So I hope to share the journey of learning all about Product Information Management and a bit about E-commerce on this site.

See you soon