The SQL Community is an important part to everything I do both in work and pleasure. Over the last year, I’ve started to realize that the work aspect to my life could be pushed higher and at the same time, pushed more into a role that benefits the SQL Community. It is always hard to disconnect yourself as a production DBA from the systems that you build and nurture from a failing service into an enterprise worthy service. Even so, I’ve made the decision to part with those systems and my current employer to move into a role that will for one, be more challenging and second, a company that supports both the community and has great pride in the product and services they provide.

After this week comes to an end, I will be moving to the Magenic family. I say family because over the months of talking to them I quickly realized that the group at Magenic truly is a family. Not only one that holds themselves together with a high level of expertise but one that openly draws off each others knowledge and skills.

All job changes come with a certain amount of disconnect while the adjustments are made. I hope this change will be quick so I can keep to my goals of helping the community from the forum, blog and speaking side of things. I would like to thank everyone (and I mean everyone) in the community for the years of helping me push myself daily to be better. I owe this change to all of you as much as anyone.

I look forward to the future and sharing everything it has with the community.

Personal thanks go out to my future new coworkers Aaron Lowe and Wendy Patrick. I can’t wait to get the SQL Saturday in Chicago crew back together now in roles where we can take over the data architecture world!