Yeah, no kidding. I don’t blog for you guys. I blog for me. I’m selfish and egocentrical. I’m even a little narcissistic (but then again I have good reason to be).

Anyway, I don’t do it for you. I do it for me.

I learn by writing. I learn by making the demos. I learn from you.

For example in my last post I made statements that something was impossible in VB but it was possible to do in C#. And all of a sudden someone leaves a comment and tells me I’m wrong and that I forgot something.

And you know what, he was right. I did forget that VB did that. But I learned and remained graceful in my defeat.

My blogging about the resharper plugin learned me how complex resharper really is and how driven they are to help the community to work with their product. I got in contact with the right people that help me along.

I also learned that you can get good service if you blog (rant) about something.

I also learned that I am not alone with my problems.

And when did I learn all this? I learned all this in the last two weeks.

So yeah I do this all just for me, me, me. Despicable old me.

And so should you.

I know it takes effort and dedication. I know it takes time and energy. I know you are timid and anti-social. But don’t worry, I am timid and anti-social too. And I don’t have much time and even less energy.

I have written over 450 posts on this site so far and I think it made me a better programmer.

And I’m not very good at this kind of posts so I’ll stop and let you get on with writing your next post.

And if you want you can always do it here on LessThanDot. It is free and you get a dedicated public. Yeah, I like this site ;-).