In October, I mentioned I was working on a new adventure: Tech On Tap. The first event is just days away – Saturday, January 28, 2012.

What is going to make Tech On Tap so different – and so great?

  • We’re going to have attendees from a mix of disciplines. It’s not just SQL people, or system administrators, or developers. We are inviting people from a variety of roles.
  • We’re talking about one topic, all day. This session will be on virtualization. That is the only thing we’re talking about. That’s going to allow us to deep dive. We want 300-400 level discussions on the topic. We’re going to get the opportunity to see how this technology affects people in different positions across the organization.
  • It’s small, so it’s intimate, and people will get to know each other. Our attendees won’t be sitting in a room of 200 people for one hour, then a room of 75 different people the next hour. The group stays together, all day, to talk and learn together.
  • We’re drinking beer! Our events are going to be at local brew pubs. What’s better than technology and beer?

Virtualization will be explored by three great speakers – Brian Lewis (twitter | blog) from Microsoft, Bob Plankers (twitter | blog) from UW Madison, and Grant Fritchey (twitter | blog) from Red Gate (with a little help from me). I’m definitely looking forward to the panel/Q&A/networking at the end of the day, too.

The event is happening at Stone Cellar Brewpub, in a gorgeous 150-year-old building. We have three great beers on tap for the day – Marquette Pilsner, Vanishing Vanilla Stout, and Pie Eyed India Pale Ale.

The best part is that the training, the food, even the beer – is FREE! I have to thank our great sponsors, Red Gate and Confio, for helping us make this possible.

As I’m writing this, there are still seats available! Go to to learn more, and register here! I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!