In the ridiculously titled post I hold this blog hostage for 1 million views mahaaahaha mahahaha…. I told you that it took me a little over 3 years to reach 1 million views. I also said that I hoped to get the next million within 2 years, it actually took 1 year and 8 months. In between I have added 186 posts, the average views per post went from 2,739 to 3,629

If this trend continues then I should hit 3 million views by next February, it should take between 11 and 12 months

Enough of the self-congratulatory tone of this post, lets see what the most interesting post were that I wrote between hitting the first million views and today. Here are 5 of them that I think are worthy

How much longer will the SQL Server database restore take

I probably look at this post every couple of weeks to grab this query because I need to run it. Many people have thanked me for this query as well because now they can have an answer instead of telling people that it will take a while for the restore to finish

SQL Advent 2011 Recap

This is not really one post but a collection of posts I did highlighting the new things in SQL Server 2005 and 2008

Why do you need additional privileges for truncate table compared to delete?

This post explains why you need to be part of at least the db_ddladmin fixed database role in order to do a truncate and how to give users permissions without making them part of the db_ddladmin fixed database role

SQL Advent 2012: Recap

Another year, another collection of posts, this time it was focused on best practices

Setting up SQL Server Database Mail with gmail

It can be a challenge to set up SQL Server Database Mail with gmail, this post shows you how you can easily accomplish this

A list of all the 550+ posts I have written as well as the total number of views can be found here: /index.php/All/?disp=authdir&author=4

That is all for this short post, I hope you have enjoyed the posts so far, there will be many more to come.