So here we go, this is post number 500 here at the LessThanDot site. Five hundred might seems like a lot but it is not that much when you spread it out over the years. Here is what the breakdown looks like

2008 104

2009 139

2010 82

2011 106

2012 68

Here are all the stats and posts: /index.php/All/?disp=authdir&author=4

Ouch, looks like I only blogged half as much in 2012 compared to 2009. Now, what do you write for a post like this? A couple of w00ts? I can do that. Some balloons, I can do that as well. But I won’t do that, as far as I know I am only half way done from my goal of 1000 posts, the goal which I just created 3 minutes ago that is. Unlike some other people, I have nothing to give away as part of this post. However, stay tuned for the 5 year anniversary there will be some prizes…that will be sometimes in late spring 2013

If I had to pick a favorite post, that would be very difficult, however, it seems that these two posts have helped a bunch of people

Create XML Files Out Of SQL Server With SSIS And FOR XML Syntax

The Ten Most Asked SQL Server Questions And Their Answers

I think that is it for this post, I have to get going on post number 23 of the SQL Advent 2012 series of blog posts now.

See you in another 500 🙂