In the coming months I will be going to a few conferences. Not because I have to, but because I want to. Neither of the conferences is free.

The SQL Server days 2011 one is very cheap. I only payed 79€ (early bird) for that. Which isn’t to much considering I pay for it myself. And I will get to meet mrdenny after all these years. And it will have Kevin Kline and Jen Stirrup among the many speakers. So there is no reason for all you DBA’s (Belgian or otherwise) not to come. I might be handing out some Lessthandot stickers if they let me ;-). It’s 1 and a half days on the 14 and 15th of November.

I will also be going to Agile .Net 2011 Europe Building bridges between principles and practices.

Building more valuable software

by combining Agile principles

and Software craftsmanship

practices into a more effective

way of working

This is kind of expensive at 350€ not including VAT. But if you look around you might get a 50€ discount on some sites. I was not sure I would spend so much of my own money on this but we will see how it goes. This one is 2 full days from October 10th until October 11th.

I’m paying for these things myself because I want to save my work budget for the more expensive Techdays Belgium and Teched Europe conferences next year. There is only so much money the government is willing to spend on educating it’s employees.

My main hope is to meet some new people and learn. Hope to see you at one of the two at least.