It’s been a bit longer than a month, back when I posted “A Month with BlueMetal”.  I’m going on several months now and have started a building process in my own professional development that is down a path that fits right into where I wanted for all the goals I’ve made.  Standing by my own quote of, “The last month has done nothing but solidify the fact that joining BlueMetal was, to say the least, a great decision” the feeling is as strong as ever.  The best part of all of this is, the opportunity is there for someone else to reach the same goal of finding a place that has the model and potential as BlueMetal Architects does.


The data practice at BlueMetal is as strong as ever and with that, business is nothing short of exceptional.  So much so that cloning is in the mix and I’m working on a machine that can clone dozens of onpnts.  OK, I was just seeing if I had your attention.  BlueMetal Architects in Chicago is looking for an addition to our data practice – someone that has the same goals I’ve always written and talked about.  The goals I’m talking about are quite simple.

  • Motivation to succeed
  • Motivation to work for advancement of not just yourself but the entirety of the company
  • Ever eager to move forward with technology and help make the decisions that evolve our field
  • Work in a team that has all these characteristics and more but with unique mindsets for each practice while maintaining a strong and successful team that is formidable to any other

I’m not asking for much of myself, right?  I have a feeling that many of you will relate to some or all of these bullet points.  They may not be written the way you’ve put them down for your own goals, but more than likely, the goals all come to the same conclusion; success.

With all of this, I’m extending the visibility of the addition BlueMetal Architects in Chicago is looking to gain.  But, I don’t want you to just click the link and go look at a job description.  I’d rather have you, like I did, read about BlueMetal Architects first, and then go check out the description.  As with what I’ve said in many of my seminars and sessions, the best companies find the best people.  This also extends to a job description in the fact that, if they don’t match your expertise or mindset exactly, the company still wants to hear from you if you have the same level of skills and ambition to succeed.

As always, my favorite line from BlueMetal is, “We wrote the book(s)

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