It’s all about balance.

While reading through many blogposts one might think that there is just one best practice that will solve all problems. I can tell you there isn’t.

It’s all about balance and finding the right balance for you.

One form of TDD or BDD might work for that little project you are doing and will fail miserably for that other project you are doing because the UI can just not be tested in an easy way.

Maybe Agile and Lean are working out well for your team and that project but I am sure some teams will do better with waterfall.

You need to find the right balance for you.

Just yesterday I found that having less projects in a solution does make it compile faster but in my case faster was still 10+ seconds. Which made ncrunch seem slow. Splitting it up in several projects and solutions made ncrunch fast again and give me that immediate feedback that I need to work faster. The overall build will be slower, but the balance is better. Faster feedback means faster coding, and it means a slightly slower build.

There is no magic whatever that will work for every situation. There are several methods and you have to pick one or several until you find the right balance that will work for your situation.

And that is the difficult part. Don’t be afraid of change. If daily scrum meetings are holding you back than do weekly ones. You either adapt to a new team member or does the team member adapt to you. Most people will however not like change. They want their cheese in the same place everyday even if that cheese is on the top shelf.

What seems the right thing to someone else will not work for everyone. Remember that. Learn from the past.