It’s been about a month now since I joined the team at BlueMetal Architects.  Since the consulting series has gone so well and the feedback has been really good, I thought this would be the perfect time to extend that series and get a view into a great consulting company.

The last month has done nothing but solidify the fact that joining BlueMetal was, to say the least, a great decision.  Consulting has its ups and downs.  Although this can be said for any position or career, consulting does have moments where it can be brutal.  In most situations, the first month really tells a consultant who they are working for (we’re not talking clients, we’re talking the consulting company).  In a lot of cases, you’re thrown to a client and really, a disconnection occurs between you and the consulting company.  That first month or so makes a big difference in how long or far apart that disconnection goes.  In the first month with BlueMetal, there not only hasn’t been a disconnection but a complete opposite relationship.  The relationship that I’ve gained with the Chicago BlueMetal team in such a short time has been nothing short of remarkable.  Each person has a unique value and a high skill level in their field; SharePoint, SQL Server, Development, and much more.  With this team, I can only imagine how far BlueMetal in Chicago will go, and go at a rapid and effective pace.

Another aspect that we look at, as consultants, is the disconnection that may or may not happen between regional offices (or consultants for that matter).  For example, BlueMetal covers Chicago, Boston and New York currently.  I can see this growing and reaching many major cities and expanding further in a short time.  Between the offices, there is little to no disconnection.  I have had the opportunity to visit, meet, make friends with and understand the skills of all the consultants.  People like Abe Weinograd, who is one of the most brilliant business intelligence minds around.  Having that distinct connection makes for a successful national and international consulting company.

With the successful move to BlueMetal and the overwhelming excitement that I’m hoping you get from this blog, I’d like everyone to take the points made and use them as part in being a successful consultant.  This directly relates to the reasons I started the successful consulting series.  As we all know, the company we chose to work for can make us that much more successful by standing behind each consultant.  BlueMetal does just that.

Something of a quote I have that says it all: “Working for BlueMetal is: People, energy, brilliance and exceptionally high-end architecture that leaves you so excited about waking up the next day to get to work, every day is better than the next.”

BlueMetal is always looking for the best people that stand out in their fields.