This post is proudly sponsored by JetBrains.

And NCrunch.

Well here it is, number 500, a half millennium and this is also exactly my 5th year on LessThanDot. It all started with this post about OOP.

And it will all end with me giving away a Personal License for Resharper, Dotrace or DotCover (you can choose one of those three) and a named NCrunch License. Look below for more details.

I hear there are people who would not make a big thing of their 500th blogpost, they are wrong. Damnit, it took time and effort to write most of those 499 that came before this, and I’m kinda proud of that. So what shall I write about.

I’m not going to bore you with my best post, my most viewed post, my most liked post. I won’t even tell you I’m awesome, because I know you all know that.

I was gonna ask some people to write something for this blogpost like I did for blogpost number 400. Been there, done that, boring as hell.

I could try to write my first good blogpost, but I will keep it mediocre like all of the other ones.

So I went on Google and looked up the number 500. But found it to be boring too.

I could write about what I did in those 5 years, trust me that is even more boring.

I could talk about my future, what future? This happens to be the last day of humankind so there is no future to look forward to.

Darnit, now what?

You’ll be happy to note this post is not about VB.Net so that is positive.

I could tell a joke… but I’m not very good at that. Yes, I know I’m not a very good programmer either and I still do that.

Blogpost 500, my 5th year here and the end of the world and I have nothing to say.

Except that today is the birthday of Samuel L. Jackson, happy birthday man.

December 21st is a very boring date in history it seems. Nothing exiting happened on that date.

Oh wait this is the shortest date of the year. That’s exiting. Oops, it is the shortest day on our side of the world and the longest on the other side of course.

If the world is still here tomorrow then I will start writing the next 500. See you on December 21 st 2017.

And now for the prizes.

I will ask 3 simple questions which you can answer in the comments and will then pick the winners ta random from the people that answer the question correctly. Don’t forget to use a working emailaddress. The first one to be come out of the draw will get to choose which license he wants the second will get the remaining license.

Jetbrains who are sponsoring this post allow me to give you a personal license of either resharper, dottrace or dotcover (you can choose one of the three). Each one of them is an unmissable tool for any .Net developer.

And Remoc Mulder is giving away a named license of NCrunch.

So here are the Questions.

  1. Who is the blogger on Lessthandot with the most views.

  2. What is my preferred programming language.

  3. Name 3 of the founding members of Lessthandot.

Have fun.

And thanks for listening.

The contest ends on the 25 of December at 10 am Belgian time.


This competition is now closed.

Here are the winners.