Yes you should jump on the bandwagon now before it is to late. So many people have seen the light and so should you.

Just look at the TIOBE Programming Community Index for September 2012

VB.Net is now the 15th most important language in the Galaxy(seeing as there are no other sentient beings in this galaxy).

Last year it was just 39th with 0.31% which means it more than doubled in just a year.

Given that it will be at nearly 2% next year and thus in the top 10. and in three years time it will thus be at 8% and in the top 5. Another 2 years later it will be at 32% and thus the leader on the board. Another 2 year later there will be just crumbs left for the rest.

Predicting the future is easy if you can look into the past.

This is kinda how they predict the weather too.

Of course all of the above might be wrong.