Just like last year, SQLServerCentral.com and Simple Talk are hosting the Tribal Awards. In their words:

The Tribal Awards, co-hosted by Simple-Talk and SQLServerCentral, seek to recognize outstanding members of the SQL community. We want to highlight people who are currently leaders due to their writing, speaking, or general community presence.

In the previous edition, I was nominated for Best New Community Voice, however this year I am very pleased to announce that this blog has made the final in the category Best Blog of the Year!

It’s a great honour, especially when you consider the other finalists:

  • Brent Ozar
  • Paul Randal
  • Thomas LaRock
  • Pinal Dave

Suffice to say I am a little bit of the underdog here. With this blog post, I encourage you to go to the Tribal Awards voting page and vote for this blog. There are other categories as well, with a lot of community champions featured in them. Please take your time to vote for these people as well, they all deserve it.

A very big thanks for all of the people who nominated this blog, it means a lot to me!