Over the last year many well known SQL DBAs have either changed companies or changed roles within their companies.  Now it is my turn to announce my change (not that I’m well known or even close the same league as the others!).

This may seem a bit odd seeing how the last #Meme15 Topic was one that I suggested.

What are 5 (or 10) reasons why you like your job?

The truth is that I wasn’t actively looking for a new job.  I happened to hear that this place was hiring and decided to apply to see what they were like.  I’ve been with Ashley Furniture for about 3 12 years now.  The DBA team there is an amazing well oiled machine of people who really support each other.  I’ve learned and grown by leaps and bounds over the years and am really grateful for the experience.

This is my last week at Ashley Furniture and next week I will be starting City Brewery.  I am very excited about the new opportunity and the challenges it will pose.  City Brewery has a much smaller IT shop so I will be wearing many different hats including DBA and will even be getting my hands dirty with HighJump Development again.  A Canadian living in Wisconsin working at a Brewery has a nice ring to it!