This site went live on the first of june 2008 after more then a year of preparation. And now the difficult part begins.

According to

For a 5-year-old, there will be many steps forward as well as steps back as she navigates new challenges and broadens her world.

We have changed servers a couple of times since she was born. We even changed providers since then.

We welcomed new members and we lost members.

We started out to make a forum and ended up with a wiki and blog to go with that.

We noticed our blog is driving the site these days and not the forum as we intended.

We neglected her and she didn’t mind.

She doesn’t like to be renewed.

She sometimes gets attacked by spammers.

But after 5 years she is still here and doing better than we had expected.

Happy birthday LessThanDot. I hope you will happily for a long time to come.