I went to Jetbrains day in Malmö Sweden last weekend, but that might have been obvious from the title above.

Malmö Sweden is a 1 hour 30 minute flight for me and then a 20 minute train ride. So not that obvious. But since I use some of their products very well I decided to go anyway.

All the sessions were streamed live so I guess you guys saw all of them. And they might be on video available soon.

You could say that this was marketing from their part but that is not that much different than what other companies do.

But these kinds of events are not only about the sessions, it is also about the socializing. And I’m not very good at that. But I do my best.

So, the sessions.

It all started with a session by co-CEO Oleg Stepanov and a few others telling us about the new things that jetbrains is working on.

Of course there is Kotlin and we all know what that is by now, but we need a CLR version.

Then there is upsource. Which is ubbercool. Just go to this page and click on things.

And then there was Nitra. Nitra is, as far as I understood it, a DSL to make your own compiler (DSL).

Then there was Hadi’s and Dmitri’s session about Resharper 8. And we know what that is.

Third session was by Matt Ellis on writing plugins for resharper and the new resharper plugin manager. I already wrote a plugin and know how vast the SDK is so we need more docs Matt.

Then we had a very nice lunch.

Then there was for me the most informative session of the day by Dmitri Nesteruk about youtrack. Mind blown, I wonder why they advertise youtrack as an issuetracker. The thing could be marketed as a CMS if they wanted to. It’s so versatile.

Next up was the making of teamcity and how easy it is to deploy. They did it live on stage, on the one live server they have. Dogfooding and using your own products makes for the best products.

Last one of the day was about intelliJ and how they operate. No unittests, no docs are the things we remembered from that one ;-).

And then there was drinks and food with the jetbrains team and not a lot of attendees, I guess the Swedes were to shy.

So that was my weekend. What have you been up to?