Every year I like to do a couple of posts showing some analytics about the visitors to this site

In this post we will be looking at the searches, the content and the countries that visitors came from


Here are the top 25 most visited pages on this site during the year 2012.


Here is a list of the most used search terms, as you can see it is mostly SQL related, this makes sense since most of the content is SQL related


ssis interview questions

sql mean

operand type clash: date is incompatible with int

string or binary data would be truncated

operand type clash: int is incompatible with date

cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation



programmer vs developer

sql 2008 backup compression log


bi interview questions

sql 2000 pivot

alter column datatype in sql server 2008

cidaemon.exe server 2003

lessthandot + sqlserver

sql server geography

sql server activity monitor capture data

ssis delayvalidation

sql server mean

annot define primary key constraint on nullable column in table

mean sql


code katas


Below is a list of the top 25 countries that visitors came from. Not surprisingly the United States is number 1, India is number 2. China is absent from this list, the other Asian country is the Philippines. The percentage are for the top 25 only not for the whole list.

Country / Territory Percentage
United States 36.73%
India 9.39%
United Kingdom 7.56%
Canada 3.55%
Germany 2.80%
Australia 2.63%
Belgium 1.78%
France 1.71%
Netherlands 1.70%
Brazil 1.52%
Italy 1.43%
Spain 1.39%
Poland 1.20%
Sweden 1.20%
Russia 1.15%
(not set) 1.07%
South Africa 1.01%
Mexico 0.86%
Turkey 0.84%
Philippines 0.71%
Israel 0.70%
Portugal 0.70%
New Zealand 0.66%
Denmark 0.65%
Switzerland 0.65%
Total 100.00%

Here is the breakdown by continent

Continent Percentage
Americas 44.84%
Europe 30.24%
Asia 18.76%
Oceania 3.28%
Africa 1.79%
(not set) 1.09%
Total 100.00%


A map of the cities can bee seen below

Here is the list of the top 15 cities, you can also see those in the map above

  1. London

  2. New York

  3. Bangalore

  4. Chennai

  5. Hyderabad

  6. Sydney

  7. Chicago

  8. Pune

  9. Mumbai

  10. Toronto

  11. New Delhi

  12. San Francisco

  13. Melbourne

  14. Paris

  15. Singapore

That is all for this post, tomorrow we are going to look at Mobile Devices, Operating Systems and Browsers