It has been two months since I posted my resolution for 2013, you can find that post here: Ah yes, those pesky resolutions. Today I decided to take a look at how I am doing two months into the year.

Read more technical books

I only read one technical book so far, this book is

The Well-Grounded Java Developer: Vital techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming. I have reviewed the book here: Review of The Well-Grounded Java Developer. In a couple of weeks I will have the opportunity (some people will call it a misfortune, misfortune being the commute not the reading part) to read a lot more since I will be commuting 2 hours a day on the lovely NJ Transit Northeast Corridor train.

Depending what happens in the next couple of weeks the technology stack is not yet certain for me, this is why I have not purchased any books yet, I hope to have this sorted out by April 1st.

Get into different technologies

As you might have noticed I did a bunch of posts about technologies besides SQL Server, I did a couple of Oracle posts as well as a couple of Scala posts. I also did a bunch of posts about MongoDB, as a matter of fact I blogged 15 times about MongoDB, you can find the MongoDB posts below

Install MongoDB as a Windows Service

UPSERTs with MongoDB

How to sort results in MongoDB

Indexes in MongoDB: A quick overview

Multidocument updates with MongoDB

MongoDB: How to include and exclude the fields you want in results

MongoDB: How to limit results and how to page through results

MongoDB: How to backup and restore databases

MongoDB: How to restore collections

MongoDB: How to backup all the databases with one command

MongoDB: Exporting data into files

MongoDB: How to drop databases and collections

MongoDB: Creating capped collections

MongoDB: Returning documents where fields are null or not existing

MongoDB: Using the web-based administrative tool

Write more blog posts and contribute more to the wiki

I think that I did really well here, I wrote 47 posts so far this year, this is more than half of all the posts that I wrote in 2012. I said my goal was to blog 150 times this year, I am almost 30% done with that goal. I actually decided to bring my total posts to 750, this means I still have to write 198 posts this year to hit that goal. We will see if I make it or not. Here is where you can find all the posts I have written broken down by year: /index.php/All/?disp=authdiryearly&author=4

I am not checking up on the other goals because I have not done anything about them yet