I’ve been using teamcity for a while now and just used it on a VM with limited diskspace. 40GB for a windows 2008 R2 server isn’t all that much. But it still has a couple of Gigabytes left over so why should I worry… Yeah right. Today I got this message from teamcity.

Warning: insufficient space on disk where the following directory resides c:/users/… Disk space available: 1009.32Mb; Please contact your system administrator.

The solution

I use Teamcity 6.5.

So I contacted myself and looked where all my diskspace went. And I found that I had a lot of these.

And those things add up.

Now why do I have so many of them?

Yep that’s right, teamcity holds on to everything forever. But we can change that for the big offenders. We do this by editing the cleanup rules.

You can find them in Administration > Build History Clean-up.


I’m glad teamcity warned me of this and I’m glad it was simple to fix.