Over the past year, and previous years, writing blogs, articles for various publications and even books, has been one of the most enjoyable aspects to my work in the data and professional development world.  Given today is the last day of 2012, this year I think was great for writing and one that I have improved upon my skills, development and writing.

Something I’d like to go into the New Year with is a special thanks for a few people that have made my ability and ambition for writing possible.  Mostly, Jes Borland (B | T) has been a huge part in this.  Back when I wrote my 4th or 5th blog, I was horrible at writing.  My grammar was terrible and my mind always worked far faster than my typing skills could.  This led to some pretty craptastic articles.  Luckily, I met Jes and soon after, she started helping me greatly with my writing by reviewing almost all of the articles I’ve written.  With that and the comments and edits to my articles, I’ve learned more about writing and slowing my roll to make my mind and typing more in unison.  I can truly say, I would not be writing an eighth of what I do up to now, without that help.

Erin Stellato (B | T) is another person that has been far beyond helpful with the same help.  Erin has done the same thing for me in reviewing what I’ve done and gone far beyond what she needed to in not only the grammatical aspects but the technical aspects of my articles.  Erin is an extremely skilled data architect level consultant.  As many of my close friends know, and some technical editors of pages I’ve written in books, I may write something that is 100% accurate but it only comes out that way in my head.  I know a lot of us have the same issue.  We say something, it makes perfect sense to us but when someone else reads it, the same accurate meaning is completely wrong in a lot of ways.  Erin and the skills she has, have caught many of those instances and has not only increased my own skills but helped me in something that is extremely hard to alter; how we speak to an audience about a technical topic.

So, this being my last blog of 2012, I find it very rewarding in making it one that says a very special thanks for Jes and Erin for all the help they have shown me in my own professional development in writing.

This blog also has another purpose: if you are considering blogging or have been slammed by a blog you tried simply because it wasn’t written well or misleading, don’t quit!  Get some help in the form of people to review your writing before you publish it.  It really does help build the skills you’ll have for writing and you only benefit by keeping the exchange of knowledge going while building your skills, the reviewer’s skills and the technical world while they all read your work.

Happy New Year!