I have been wanting to write my last real blogpost on this site for a few days now and I have nothing to write about. I have thought of plenty of things to write about but they all seemed so trivial.

I was gonna write about interview questions but it has been a while since I done any real interview myself and I never ever had to interview someone else. So the whole exercise would be pointless because it would just be theoretical.

Is it really that important for someone to know something about programming before you hire them or would I just rather hire someone out of the blue and see how it goes? I would have to with the second option I guess. You see I was trained a a gardener some 25 years ago and a damn good one too I might add but then I got to run a team and I noticed that paperwork was taking to much of my time and I noticed I could make it better by using a computer. So I took classes and I noticed I was pretty good at programming. Considering this was 15 years ago. SO I programmed more and more and then I left my job to do something completely different.

I became a forensic technician. Now that was a career change. And I’m pretty good at the lab work too. But I noticed we needed even more automation because we were such a little group. And people liked what I did so I got myself a degree and progressed to being a full-time programmer now. But I did not get this far because of my education but just because the program I wrote was useful.

SO interview questions are stupid to me because they do not reflect the potential of your candidates it’s more hit and miss to me.

I could have written about all the new features in VB 10. The way I like to use multiline lambda expressions and collection initializers. But apparently the majority of VB programmers don’t seem to care about those things and they don’t need them and never will need them. Because you can really write useful apps without all those things if you want to and your app will perhaps be even simpler.

I could write about my latests troubles with NHibernate but I’m sure the people reading this will never have the troubles I had with NHibernate like I have because they do the correct thing anyway.

I could have written about the difference between a DBA and a developer as Alex8s suggested but even that seems trivial to me since I just do both and I do both because I have to not because I like to. I’m not being paid to like my job. I’m being paid to do it. Liking my job is something I have to work at. It is not a given.

I could have written about my attempts to learn a new language but the question is remains if all these new languages are really new and if they add extra value to my job? And the answer is no not any time soon.

I could have written about how I setup auditing in my database and how I avoided a major performance problem. Of course the performance problem was caused by something I found on the Internet of which Google thought it was important.

I could have written about Google and how big of a mess it has become and that simple is better and that they should realize what has made them big.

But I didn’t write about all those things because they really aren’t all that important to me.

And I didn’t write about all those things because I’m not a good writer.

And I didn’t write about all those things because I don’t have to.

And I didn’t write about all those things because I have writers block.

And all of a sudden this might have become the first post ever that has so many words in it.

I hope you haven’t read it, because I am no writer and it shows.

And now I can post my final post, finally.