Win 7 Logo

This post is not a review, you can find detailed reviews all over the internet, this is just about the Windows 7 launch in New York City which I attended today. If you click on the pictures you can get larger sizes.

I am running Windows 7 on all my home machines since it became available from MSDN in August. I think that this is the best operating system that Microsoft created yet, you can tell that 8 million people have beta tested this puppy. When I upgraded my old IBM T43 laptop to Windows 7 I noticed immediately that it was faster than XP and also used less RAM, on my new desktop Windows 7 uses 600 MB less RAM (I have 6 Gigs) than Vista. My favorite new features in Windows 7 are Jump lists and Aero peek, I think people will really appreciate jump lists.


The launch even was held in Soho in a loft which was probably used as an art gallery at other times. It was interesting that this event was only for press, partners and invited guests…..this time there would be no..developers… developers… developers coming out of Steve Ballmer’s mouth 🙂

Remember Kylie from that ‘cute’ windows 7 commercial? She was there, she introduced Steve Ballmer and he gave her a pink laptop….very cute

Ballmer Gives Laptop

Ballmer explained some of the things that happened during the creation of Windows 7.

Ballmer  Ballmer Presentation

After Ballmer was done with his presentation 7 cool things that Windows 7 can do was presented. The thing that impressed me the most is when they had video, tv and pictures on 8 different monitors from a single DELL XPS machine….that was pretty cool. Netflix on a touchscreen looked pretty nice….also shown was a kindle app for Windows 7.

After all this they opened a partition where all the partners had their hardware setup. Some of these devices you can see in the pictures below


Ballmer Inspecting

The 3D Batman game was cool looking…initially I thought that the screen was fuzzy but then I noticed that I needed to wear the special glasses on the table; after I put the glasses on the game looked really crisp and had that 3D look and feel.

Batman 3D

I spotted this Canon 7D with a 14mm 1.4 USM lens and played a little bit with it, interesting camera.

Canon EOS D7

This Alienware laptop was pretty nice,keys lit up, quad core but nobody would give me a price for it:-(


There were 3 bars, one of them had a bunch of coffee machines and the other 2 had Champagne and Sodas


Maybe you know that twitter did a deal with Bing where Bing would get access to twitter’s firehouse so that it could do real time search, the pic below shows a real time search for Windows 7 which is refereshed every time someone tweets about Windows 7

Twitter Bing Live Update

At the end you got a bag, inside was a puzzle, a poster, a book, a t-shirt, playing cards and Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition

Win 7 Signature Edition

Now Microsoft has to wait and see how well Windows 7 will do, most if not all reviews have been positive so it should be a sure thing.