What can I say in the face of so much expertise?

I hope to stop messing about with free downloads of MySql, SQL Server, ASP.NET, etc and learn to work with them instead. I do small things cheaply for small companies, so up to now Access has fitted well, however, I do not think I will move to Access 2007, so I need to figure out what else can be so easily set-up and maintained. I feel I ought to add a little more functionality to my less-than-minute on-line set-up, such as better and faster statistics on exchange of health journal articles, however, every time I look at the pages, I see they need to be completely rewritten 🙁

I should also make an effort to try more and to be less trying, but this seems unlikely 🙂

It has been very pleasant (virtually) hanging around with everyone on LessThanDot, so I hope to keep on doing just that, even more so, if anything.