So finally it is a new year and a new decade (this of course all depends if there is a year zero or not). The Dow Jones Industrial Average (yes the DJI is an average and not an index) closed lower than it was a decade ago, as a matter of fact it is a 1000 points lower now. Just keep in mind that the stock market still hasn’t recovered in Japan and that has been going on for 20 years now. We had 3 bubbles during the last decade..internet….housing…oil. For the next decade gold is looking to be perhaps the first bubble to burst.

During the last decade technology continued with its innovation, memory and hard drives increased by a 100 times. You had a 20 GB hard drive in 1999 now you have a 2 TB drive. Instead of 64 MB of ram now you have 6 GB of ram. You can read about my favorite technologies of the last decade here: My top ten favorite technologies of this decade

This is just a brief recap of what happened in 2009 on our site

The most searched keywords for 2009.

Below is a list of the 10 keywords that people have used in search engines to get to our site. I have linked the search term to the content in question and I also have created a little blurb below the link.

  1. google interview questions

    A blog post detailing two interview questions that Google asked a friend of mine in their NYC offices

  2. c# 4.0 features
    A short post showing some new thing in the 4.0 version of the c# language

  3. string or binary data would be truncated
    Blog post explaining how to surpress the string or binary data would be truncated message

  4. jquery vs extjs
    A forum post where someone asked this question and someone elses explained the difference between jQuery and ExtJS

  5. appoffline.htm
    Wiki page explaining how to use an AppOffline.htm file for updates

  6. visual studio 2010 screenshots
    A blog post showing some images of the new Visual Studio 2010 Beta

  7. c# 4.0 new features
    Same as number two

  8. sp_executesql
    A post showing that changing exec to sp_executesql doesn’t provide any benefit if you are not using parameters correctly

  9. sql server blocked access to procedure ‘sys.xp_cmdshell’ of component ‘xp_cmdshell’ because this component is turned off as part of the security configuration for this server. a system administrator can enable the use of ‘xp_cmdshell’ by using sp_configure. for more information about enabling ‘xp_cmdshell’, see “surface area configuration” in sql server books online.
    How to enable xp_cmdshell and Ad Hoc Distributed Queries on SQL Server 2005

  10. mssql create xml file
    A post explaining how to create XML files out of SQL Server with SSIS and FOR XML syntax

I always keep an eye of the search phrases that hit our site, this always gives me ideas what to blog about.

The most popular posts

Here are the most viewed blog post on our site, I have also included the number of views and comments as well as the author.

  1. The Ten Most Asked SQL Server Questions And Their Answers
    Views : 17762
    Comments : 29
    By : SQLDenis

  2. Good SQL Articles To Read If You Can’t Afford Books
    Views : 15050
    Comments : 18
    By : SQLDenis

  3. Collection Of Puzzles For Programmers
    Views : 12742
    Comments : 2
    By : SQLDenis

  4. SQL Server Zipcode Latitude/Longitude proximity distance search
    Views : 10152
    Comments : 24
    By :George Mastros

  5. 6 ways to import data into SQL Server
    Views : 8827
    Comments : 16
    By : onpnt

  6. Calculating Mean, Median and Mode with SQL Server
    Views : 8206
    Comments : 7
    By :George Mastros

  7. Only In A Database Can You Get 1000% + Improvement By Changing A Few Lines Of Code
    Views : 7898
    Comments : 17
    By : SQLDenis

  8. Do we need to know basic math as programmers?
    Views : 7751
    Comments : 43
    By : SQLDenis

  9. SQL Server Rounding Methods
    Views : 6976
    Comments : 7
    By :George Mastros

  10. Split string in SQL Server 2005+ CLR vs. T-SQL
    Views : 6933
    Comments : 21
    By : onpnt


Below is the breakdown off all the browsers that visited our site

Operating Systems

Here are all the operating systems that visited our site in 2009. No surprises here really, I expect that Android will make great gains in the next year…keep an eye out for that Nexus One announcement by Google on January 5th<table cellspacing = “5”

Windows breakdown

This is just for December 2009 because if you do the whole year then windows 7 is just about 1 %. As you can see Windows 7 has almost surpassed Vista already

XP    61.85%   
Vista 16.88%    
Win 7 16.77%

So that is it for this post, let’s hope that we keep producing a lot of great content for you our reader in the coming decade.