Denis didn’t think I needed to write a post about it but George think I did. I don’t think I really need to write a post about something in the future because the future is an unknown and not something I can control but I will try.

1) I will be like I have always been. For those of you that don’t know me that well here is a small list: gentle, kind, hansom, cool, intelligent, helpful, fantastic, great, … And those are just the things that other people said about me. And I will continue to be like that in the future.

2) I will work even more on this site, write more new blogpost and more new features.

3) I will try not to beat my fellow LTDers at golf again (they suck) but I won’t promise anything.

4) I will try to get even more people to show up in august at the LTD M&G. You have been warned.

5) I promise I will beat Chopstik at all the fantasy sports again. ALL.

Those were all simple things that go without saying. And I won’t tag anyone else.