Forget about those crazy Mayans and their stupid calendar, 2012 is here to stay! Is your new year’s resolution to learn how to code? I have some good news for you, if you don’t know how to code but would like to learn, there is help on the way. There is a new site (at least new for me) that will help you accomplish that goal.

Here is what they say on their page.

Code Year

10,620 people have decided to learn to code in 2012.

Why not you?

Make your New Year’s resolution learning to code.

Sign up on Code Year to get a new interactive programming lesson sent to you each week and you’ll be building apps

and web sites before you know it.

That is pretty cool, you can also keep tabs on your friends’ progress and make sure you’re learning more and faster. This is all great stuff.

Check it out here:

Happy coding, leave me a comment if you signed up because of this post.


  • * *Even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined the site

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has resolved to take an online computer coding course.

The mayor is joining more than 180,000 people currently taking part in Code Year, a campaign to encourage more people to programme.

“My New Year’s resolution is to learn to code with Codeacademy in 2012!” he wrote on Twitter.