Yes it has been 2 years since we launched this website. But I think the we started this thing about a year earlier. In the beginning mostly talking about it and then someone (damber) decided it was time for action and we set up the website. First we did this on a development server.

First we had to choose the platform we were going to use. That was easy since money was a problem we choose a linux platform. Which meant php was also an obvious choice.

After choosing the bits we needed (phpbb for the forums, b2evo for the blogs and mediawiki for the wiki) we needed to integrate them more or less. Something Alex and Eli did very well and with much pain as I recall. Then Mark set out to change the site so that all the parts would look more or less the same. And he succeeded.

Then came the first of april 2008. We setup a dedicated server at Godaddy. Transfered everything to there and launched in june 2008.

To be honest we were not hoping for overnight success. But 2 years later I think this site gets a reasonable amount of traffic. And it is something I am proud to be a part of. Allthough we would all like the forums to be a bit more busy.

I’ll let Denis give you all the statistics, he’s good at that.

So congrats to all the LTDAdmins. We are still going and still going strong.

And congrats to all our visitors, hope to see you soon and enjoy we like to give.