For my documentation project I need and want to take screenshots from just about anything in my application. The normal way to this would be to push Printscreen on the keyboard and then open paint click save, give it a name and then got to the next screen. From a programmers point of view I see that I can automate quite a few steps and that I need an assistant. Since it will take a while to hire an assistant I will have to automate as much as possible.

A little Google later Gadwin printscreen gets installed on my computer and I have 100+ screen shots in a few minutes. I used the freeware version they also have a professional version.

Funnily enough you can’t take screenshots of Gadwin.

But I made some anyways the old fashioned way, just because I love you my dear readers, yes I do.

Just look at all the nice settings you get to play with. It’s amazing and free. Download it now and be productive.