As you may know it is now possible to sequence your DNA in seconds. And as you can imagine someone will now think this is great for authentication. Just put your finger on the machine and log in. After all there is nothing more unique than your DNA (leaving one-egged twins out of this for a moment).

Combine this with a password and you have a very secure system. Well no, you just have a false sense of security. Since your DNA is everywhere someone can pick it up and sequence and then multiply that DNA and give that to the machine. All you then need is the password.

But hackers don’t even need to get out of their chair to do this, they could just hack the national databases that will store all DNA in the future, because only people that have something to hide care about privacy. And yes all systems can get hacked, if not from the outside than by giving enough money to someone from the inside.

So you might think that only bad people care about their privacy, but you as a good person should care even more, since bad people can only be trusted to do the bad thing, and they will think about them before you do.

It seems to me that to many people are to naive with their security, it seems they trust the other person to do the right thing, but history has shown us that the other person does not care about your interests they care only about theirs.

So you should care about keeping your data safe and private because their are people out there that wil abuse that data as soon as they get the chance.

Thoughts, ideas are always welcome.

Typed on ipad in the middle of the night.