Someone posted an Ada Lovelace day message in our forum. Here is what it said

This Ada Lovelace Day on October 7, share your story about a woman — whether an engineer, a scientist, a technologist or mathematician — who has inspired you to become who you are today. Write a blog post, record a podcast, film a video, draw a comic, or pick any other way to talk about the women who have been guiding lights in your life. Give your heroine the credit she deserves!

More information can be found here:

After thinking a little, I realized that I am not doing what I am doing because of any man or woman, but I am better at what I do thanks to a woman….

This person is of course Kalen Delaney. It started all with the Inside SQL Server books for me..I still have the hardcover 2000 edition at home and will keep it for sentimental reasons (same is true for Ken Henderson’s guru books)

Kalen makes a lot of information available through her blog, her training, the contributions to SQL Server magazine and of course her books. The book Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 Internals that she co-authored is a must have if you want to get to the next level of SQL Server knowledge

After reading the Inside SQL book certain things about SQL Server made a lot more sense to me, for example the fact that you couldn’t fit more than 8060 bytes in a row, well this is because the pages were 8K. There were many more examples like that.

Kalen is also involved with the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Vol. 2 book, just like with the previous version all author royalties will be donated to charity.

Thank you Kalen for providing all that wonderful information in a variety of formats…the SQL community is thankful!!

So my readers, which women have influenced you over the years? Leave me a comment or blog about it and drop me a link in the comments….