A couple of days ago I posted about some stats in the 2010.. a year in stats..browsers, smartphones and windows flavors post. Today we are looking at most popular posts, what the most used search engines keywords were and the top 20 countries where our visits come from.


We got visitors from 210 countries, in the table below is the top 20. As expected the United States has the bulk of the visits.

Country/Territory Percentage
United States 41.66%
India 8.41%
United Kingdom 8.33%
Canada 4.06%
Australia 2.65%
Germany 2.56%
Netherlands 1.72%
France 1.46%
Belgium 1.42%
Brazil 1.29%
Italy 1.23%
Sweden 1.17%
Poland 0.96%
Spain 0.89%
Russia 0.85%
South Africa 0.83%
Portugal 0.77%
Turkey 0.71%
Israel 0.67%
Singapore 0.65%
Philippines 0.65%

Most popular posts

Here is the list of the most popular posts in terms of hits as determined by Google Analytics for the year 2010. The title will pretty much tell you what the post/article is about

Blog – How To Enable GodMode On Windows 7

Blog – Why (and How) I Model

Blog – The Ten Most Asked SQL Server Questions And Their Answers

Wiki – SQL Server Programming Hacks – 100+ List – Wiki

Blog – SQL Server Zipcode Latitude/Longitude proximity distance search


Blog – Multi-Value Parameters in SSRS

Blog – Trying the Stand-Up Desk

Blog – 6 ways to import data into SQL Server

Blog – Calculating Mean, Median and Mode with SQL Server

Blog – How to enable xp_cmdshell and Ad Hoc Distributed Queries on SQL Server 2005

Blog – Being a Fraud

Search Engines

Below is the list of most used keywords that hit this site from search engines. I am always interested in this list because it gives me ideas of what to blog about.

Here is the list

stand up desk

itextsharp headerfooter


string or binary data would be truncated

operand type clash: date is incompatible with int

operand type clash: int is incompatible with date

string or binary data would be truncated.

jquery vs extjs

standing desk

learn visual studio 2010

sql server 2008 memory leak

less than dot

sql mean

c# 4 new features

stand up desks

sql cop

stand-up desk


ssrs dynamic columns

ssrs multi value parameter

Happy New Year

And finally…Happy New Year and may 2011 be a better year for all of us

Happy New Year 2011

Have a good one