Did you know that you can get your twitter analytics straight from twitter?

Here is how you can do it, go to https://ads.twitter.com/, sign in with your twitter username and password. click on the Analytics tab on the tab of the page (see image below)


Here is what you will see if you pick timeline activity

Twitter Analytics

Looks very nice and clean, you can see how many followers you got and also how many people unfollowed you. The number of favorites, retweets and clicks is also available. If you have tweets that have a higher than usual reach it will be highlighted. The dashboard is realtime, if you tweet something it will be visible within a second or so

You can also see followers, here is what it looks like

Twitter Analytics Followers

You can also download the data in csv or XLS format


If you pick the XLS format, you will see something like this


Very nice indeed, now let’s see if facebook, google+, pinterest and others will follow suit

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