In the beginning of the week I started writing the Hanselminutes player for Android 3.2 because it seemed like something I would learn from.

And man did I learn.

First of all, it is still up on github. And I am now using IntelliJ instead of Eclipse.

What I learned from version 0.2

  • Endless paging with a listview.
  • AsyncTasks
  • Adding progressdialogs
  • Adding a contextmenu

What did add in Version 0.2

  • The list is now cached in an SQLite database.
  • The List is paged.
  • Shows the total number of podcasts and the loaded number of podcasts.
  • Multithreaded loading of podcasts
  • Multithreaded refreshing od podcasts from rss feed.
  • An icon based on the Hanselminutes logo (with permission from Scott).
  • Ability to delete the cache.
  • Contextmenu for the listview.

What’s up for version 0.3.

Save the MP3 in the database so you don’t need an internetconnection to listen to them.

The screenshots.

A complete view.

When refreshing the list a progressdialog appears.

When scrolling down the list will load more elements when needed.

When deleting all the items out of the cache or when you open the application.

The contextmenu pops up when you longclick.

That’s it for now.